Use this handy tool to get specific information about a particular Make/Model of a car or truck. This tool provides you with the information specific to any individual vehicles make model and year . Specific information might contain the vehicles....

Country of Origin, Sold in US, Body Style, Exterior Colors, Interior Colors, Engine Location, Engine Type, Engine Cylinders, Engine Displacement, Engine Bore (mm), Engine Bore (in), Engine Stroke (mm), Engine Stroke (in), Engine Valves Per Cylinder, Engine Valves, Engine Max Power (HP), Engine Max Power (PS), Engine Max Power (kW), Engine Max Power RPM, Engine Max Torque (Nm), Engine Max Torque (Lb-Ft), Engine Max Torque (kgf-m), Engine Max Torque RPM, Engine Compression Ratio, Engine Fuel Type, Drive, Rear Wheel Drive Transmission Type, Top Speed (KPH), Top Speed (MPH), 0-100 kph (0-62mph), Doors, Seats, Weight (kg), Weight (lbs), Length (mm), Length (in), Width (mm), Width (in), Height (mm), Height (in), Wheelbase (mm), Wheelbase (in), Fuel Economy City(l/100km), Fuel Economy City(mpg), Fuel Economy HWY(l/100km), Fuel Economy HWY(mpg) Fuel Economy Mixed(l/100km), Fuel Economy Mixed(mpg), Fuel Capacity(l),  and Fuel Capacity.

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